Reasons Why This Generation

 Reasons Why This Generation Has Figured  Out Life Better Than The Previous One........

             जिन कारणों से इस पीढ़ी ने जीवन को पिछले वाले से बेहतर समझा है...........

      The older era could have us agree with that we're the worst generation so far. We haven't any respect for tradition, we stay flimsy lives dictated via way of means of social media, our marriages are failing, we're not able to shape long-lasting relationships, and what not. But take heart, that isn't the entire picture. 

We can be busy in our fast moving lives, divorce prices are actually better these days than they had been again in our dad and mom` time (which, via way of means of the way, best method we're opting out of sad marriages in place of staying miserable).

 But matters aren't as awful as they look. We are the era with an opinion and a will. We aren't as dictated via way of means of conference as our dad and mom had been. We are effectively abandoning the log-kya-kahenge syndrome to do what makes us happy.

1. We Have The Freedom To Choose Our Careers

 Unlike the previous technology, we've got the freedom to pick our professions with out a lot resistance from mother and father or society.

 We can change jobs as we like, and now no longer continue to be caught up in a single unmarried activity simplest as it supplied financial balance which changed into pinnacle precedence some many years returned while one individual supported the complete family.

 Even the sharmaji-ka-beta syndrome that has been forcibly making engineers out of a whole populace has its origins withinside the previous technology, now no longer ours. 

 2. And Our Partners

They say our marriages don`t last, they are saying we do not know the way to love, they are saying we're flimsy. While we agree that old-faculty romance is at dying, the cause for failed marriages isn't due to the fact this technology would not cost relationships. 

It's due to the fact this technology would not drag loveless relationships. Better to transport on than to stay sad in a loveless constricting relationship. Divorce is not the unmentionable taboo it changed into some many years returned.

3. Marriage Today Is A Friendship Between Equals, And Not The End Of Fun


      Of course, there still are unequal marriages, sexist customs, gender discrimination, however all this is changing, one step at a time. This technology in large part believes in equality in love. 

The common millennial wishes an same partner. Marriage is greater of a friendship among equals today, in comparison to the unbalanced energy equation of yesteryears. 

 Marriage now no longer spells cease of a carefree lifestyles today. Young married couples cross out, party, drink, basically behave like some other organization of children having fun (of course, now no longer anyone however then again, the roots lie withinside the traditions set through the previous technology).

 And they're now no longer in a hurry to have youngsters either – the point of interest is greater on bonding with every other, and living out your existence earlier than you're ready to take on a larger responsibility.

4. We Are Financially Much More Independent


     Call it a by-product of the booming economic system or the truth that each family member earns today, we've got more economic independence today. And we select reports over money. This technology isn't always squeamish about spending.

 As they say, in case you are saving for your twenties, you aren't doing it right. Be it purchasing on line for our favorite shoes, or eating in a flowery eating place after a tiring day at office, we've got the way to do what makes us happy – economic and social. 

The older technology would possibly have caught it out higher, however fact is that emotional frustration and tedium affected them too. And in place of piling it inside, this technology chooses to allow it out. 


5. We Don`t Give A Damn To 'Log Kya Kahenge' 


    The one aspect this is converting for the higher is a dismiss of what the society thinks. We do not sacrifice our happiness for worry of what the society will think.

 One aspect that drove our dad and mom and maximum in their choices changed into the omnipresent “log kya sochenge”. Thankfully, the present day technology has been capin a position to triumph over this worry to a huge extent.

   While, of course, what the society thinks does replicate in a number of our choices, however we aren't pushed via way of means of it.

    The worry of society has beaten many a dream, ruined lives, and driven an entire technology into unhappiness, mediocrity, and suffocation. Glad that this technology is in the end placing an give up to it.

6. Etting A Job Is Not As Difficult As It Was Back In Our Parents` Time

 Thanks to generation and globalisation, getting a activity isn't always as back-breaking because it turned into our parents` time. A easy add on activity portals like naukri.com or a name to a activity consultant, you could as nicely sip chilled beer whilst looking for a activity. 

The world is complete of possibilities and it is an awful lot less difficult to earn cash nowadays. 


7. Work Is More Fun These Days

 The surroundings in places of work is lots extra chilled out nowadays. Team lunches, informal dressing, offsites, an casual non-hierarchal code of conduct – running nowadays is lots extra less difficult and interesting than it turned into in our parents' time. 

Of course, it is now no longer authentic for each career nowadays, however workplace way of life as an entire has grow to be notably cooler in recent times as compared to the babu way of life of the preceding era.

We Travel For Ourselves 

     Today, an increasing number of humans are travelling for leisure. Travelling not way a 3-day journey to Shimla or Nainital withinside the summer time season vacations with family, love it become withinside the nineties. 

The younger generation desires to explore, travel, meet new humans, and challenge itself to new experiences. Travelling as a way of experiencing the sector has really won as a concept.

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