The Ultimate Guide To Top 5 Free Paytm Cash Earning

The Ultimate Guide To Top 5 Free Paytm Cash Earning

Let me tell you how much you can earn if you're curious. Paytm cash may be earned up to Rs. 700 every day. You can keep track of your daily spending such as groceries, phone recharges, cab rides, and so on.

1. LudoNinja

 Ludo Ninja is one of the best applications for     earning paytm cash while playing games. The   best part is that you can do it for nothing. You   do not have to pay anything to participate in         tournaments or play games.

You may begin earning Paytm cash by participating in ludo 1v1 or 1v3 matches. A series of numbers will be assigned to you. And all of your opponents will receive the identical numbers, but the sequence of the numbers will vary.
The amazing thing about Ludo Ninja is that it allows you to win money more quickly. Because the game will be over in 24 moves. The winner is determined by the total amount of points. You can improve your odds of winning by hitting other players' tokens and reaching home.

Download Ludo Ninja Apk: click hear

Sign up Bonus: ₹100.

Refer and Earn: ₹100

Minimum Payout: ₹1

2. Taskbuck


Task Bucks is one of the most intriguing applications for quickly earning Paytm wallet cash. In the Task Bucks app, you may earn Paytm cash online in a variety of activities, including installing applications, reading news papers, sharing articles, and participating in daily contests.

You may earn up to $150 with the Activity Bucks app by completing a simple task.

In this app, there is also an Invite and Earn feature where you can earn up to Rs 28 per recommending a friend. If your friend joins with your link and completes any job on task bucks, you will be rewarded Rs 20 to Rs 28 which you can easily transfer to Paytm by heading to the Recharge area.


3. Rummy Circle

Choose India's largest online Rummy site to play your favourite card game and win cash every day! RummyCircle Refer and Earn allows new players to sign up using a referral link from a friend, and existing users to encourage new people to join and win Rs.500 Cash as a referral incentive.

Instant Rummy Paytm Cash withdrawals are available.

Enter free tournaments to earn cash rewards.

Earn up to Rs.2000 in daily rewards and bonuses.

There is no limit on the amount of referrals that can be made.

To get cashback, redeem RummyCircle Offers on a daily basis. 


4.  Ludo Supreme

Are you a fan of Ludo? Have you ever imagined that you might make large sums of money while enjoying and playing your favourite game? No, Ludo Supreme has presented a chance.

The game provides a lucrative chance by allowing you to play with your friends and defeat them to earn additional reward points.

Show off your abilities to the world and win up to Rs. 2 to 150 Paytm cash for each competition you win. The best thing is that tournaments are open throughout the day, with each match lasting only 10 minutes. Furthermore, Ludo Supreme allows you to earn Rs. 15 each referral and offers significant tokens if you join in every day. 


  • Referring to your friend earns ₹15 per friend.
  • You will get tokens when you log in daily.

Sign up Bonus: ₹100.

Refer and Earn: ₹100

Minimum Payout: ₹1


With a user base of over 10 million, Roz Dhan is another of the finest daily Paytm cash generating websites. You must first make an account before receiving an immediate free Paytm cash of Rs. 50/-. You may earn free Paytm cash money by reading the news, checking your daily horoscope, visiting popular websites, and participating in quizzes, contests, and surveys. You can also recommend your friends and earn Rs. 12/– for each referral. Because each work has the potential for a large cash return, it is the finest Paytm cash generating website because you may earn hundreds of rupees every day. You may withdraw your profits into your Paytm wallet after completing the instant cash chores. The only drawback is that you can't do anything with it.

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